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12 Tips to Design a Delicious Restaurant Menu

Design a Delicious Restaurant Menu

If you are starting your own restaurant, you need to make a unique menu card that can make a customer’s mouth water. Along with different other aspects that matter in a restaurant business, its menu is also one of the things that directly work for the business.

You need to make a perfect menu of the things you offers in your restaurant so that people can come to know about them. It is a menu that can attract people towards your restaurant. Before you go for the design, you better conduct a thorough research about your competitors. You can look at their websites and can also see their menu cards that how they have designed them. The more menus you see, the more creative ideas you will get in your mind. Your aim should be to make such a logo that can build its unique presence among all others. Considering this, below you can find some valuable tips that can help you design a delicious restaurant menu card.

  1. Organize it

Anything thing is organized, can provide you satisfying results. While designing your menu, you need to organize it logically, so that people may not face any difficulty in finding their desired food. You can organize appetizers, deserts, drinks, and all other things separately so that people can easily find everything. Along with their names, the rates should also be well-organized.

2. Add Something Special

If you take a look at the menu cards of different famous restaurants in your surroundings. You will notice that each has got some special items added in its menu. Why is it? It is to attract people because people love to taste special dishes of a restaurant. You should add every special dish that fit your restaurant’s brand.

3. Pay Your Attention to Colors and Font

The menu you design should have the perfect colors and font that can reflect your restaurant theme. If you are opening a Mexican themed restaurant, you can use colors like red, purple, and green. Similarly, if you are opening the restaurant with any other theme, you better choose colors and font that match with the concerned theme.

4. Add Photos

Whatever you offer in your restaurant, you can add their photos with their names and prices. This will help people to easily decide what they can eat. But, everything may go in vain if you use some low quality photos because they may lose the interest of your customers.

5. Keep it Affordable

You should design your menu for all types of people. Whether a middle class or elite, everyone should be able to buy things from your menu. Along with your special and expensive items, you can also show some affordable dishes that normal people can afford. By doing this, you would be able to grasp more food lovers.

6. Add Descriptions

Descriptions are essential for everything. You also need to add descriptions in the menu so that people can come to know about the dishes they are going to be served. They will come to know about the ingredients that are used in the dishes. However, the descriptions you are adding should not too long that they make the menu long. They should be concise and abridged so that people can decide at once what is the best for you.

7. Add Your Business Logo

You also need to add your business logo in the menu card. A logo plays an active role in the branding of a business and it also gives a professional look to a brand. By adding your custom logo design in the menu, you will also build your professional identity of your brand.

8. Use Symbols and Icons

Symbols and Icons can effectively be used to draw the attention of people. You can also use them to enhance the design of your menu. For example, you can use stars that can describe the quality of the food. If a food has got 5 stars on the menu, it means that the food is of high quality.

9. Try to Avoid Generic Terms

You can attract your customers by using some special terms for your foods rather putting them under some generic terms. For example, rather putting a list under a single generic term “Breakfast”, you can divide the foods in special categories like “Omelets”, “Sandwiches”, and others so that people can get a better idea of what you offer.

10. Highlight Your Best Selling Items

Every restaurant has some special dishes that make it famous. Considering this, you should also highlight the special items that are sold more in your restaurant. By highlighting your best selling items, you can attract more people towards your restaurant and once the items become your identity, you will see a great boom in your business.

11. Focus Should be on Food Rather Pricing

You need to make pricing a minor issue for people in your menu card design. Inside the card, the focus should be on what you offer rather on their costs. You can also decrease the size of the font of the prices and can increase the size of the foods’ names so that they can get more attention of your customers.

12. Give Trending Names to Your Items

You should design your menu following the trending names in your nearby areas. By using the trending names, you can get the attraction of people. You can also add different crackled textures, border, and frames to give the menu design a perfect. Some sketch-effect typefaces can also be effective to give your menu design a perfect look.

Thus, by following the above tips, you can come up a perfect and delicious menu design that can make your customers’ mouth water!

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