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7 Tips to Increase Your Instagram Followers

7 Tips to Increase Your Instagram Followers

Instagram is a growing channel for both individuals and businesses to expand their brand. You can humanize your brand, showcase your company, products, culture, customers and also generate new businesses. But unless you are famous, you cannot a huge following on Instagram. You will have to do some hard work for that.

Growing your following or getting a lot of likes on your posts takes time and attention on a daily basis. There are a few things you can do to create more followers and get more likes for your professional as well as personal Instagram account. Investing your time and effort in a right way is the key and we will show you exactly that in this post.

  • Optimize your profile

    Customize your Instagram profile in a way that it tells your followers who you are. Make your username easily recognizable. For businesses, keep your business name as the first part of the username. Next, make your profile ‘public’ and choose a profile picture that is on-brand with your other social media platforms. Next, fill your bio with delightful and informative information about you or your brand; add a hint of your personality. Also, add a link to your website into your bio in order to make it easy for people to go to your website. Lastly, enable notifications so you can be notified immediately when people share or comment on your photos.

  • Learn good photography and editing skills

    Post quality matters a lotThere is no place for a bad photo on Instagram. So it is important to get familiar with some basic photography tricks and editing apps.

  • Focus on one subject only.
  • Look for interesting perspectives.
  • Look for symmetry.
  • Concentrate on small details.
  • Make your followers smile and laugh.
  • Photo Editing

    Instagram sure has some basic editing tools but they are not enough to make a picture look great. So download some best photo editing apps and learn to use all the edits and filters. But remember not to overdo it.

  • Write eye-catching captions

    Along with photos and videos, captions are also an essential part of your post. Writing great captions consistently can work wonders for winning more likes and followers. Also, this makes your content more shareable and gives you more exposure and more likes.

Engage your followers by asking questions or writing some call-to-action kind of captions.

  • Use hashtags wisely

A hashtag ties the conversations among different users who are not connected to each other, into a single stream. Using relevant hashtags gives more exposure to a wider.

Use hashtags effectively and smartly and try to limit the number of hashtags per caption. Do not overuse them.

  • Share Instagram Stories and live videos

Share on-the-fly, behind-the-scenes, funny incidences or even sad clips sometimes.  Also, go live. These things might not be as polished and edited, but they give your brand more personality. It helps in making the bond with your followers stronger and also cultivating brand loyalty. It is a hugely popular way of interacting with your audience and connecting with them.

  • Purchasing Instagram likes or followers

Purchasing Instagram likes or followers instantly helps in promoting your posts and opens up to a wider audience that would be difficult to reach otherwise. It also helps in promoting natural growth, since more people will interact with you and will help in grabbing more attention, more followers and more likes. Buying Instagram likes and followers is a great way of jump starting your campaign and business. There are many genuine seller from whom you can buy instagram followers

A few other effective ways of increasing likes on your Instagram posts are:

  • Interact with followers
  • Cross-promote with other Instagram users who have a similar audience
  • Run Instagram contests
  • Make your profile easy to find and follow
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