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Apple Notification for China VPN Apps            

Apple Notification for China VPN Apps

We all know that Chinese do not have internet freedom. The Chinese government has implemented many strict policies over the usage of internet. In this situation, professional community is also suffering great loss. They cannot use Gmail, Twitter, Facebook and numerous blogging websites. Many people use these sites for their enjoyment in their time. But the usage of these sites is not only limited to entertainment. These sites are also used for business purpose. That’s why businessmen cannot freely move due to these restrictions made by Chinese government.

Solution to blocked sites

The only way to fulfill all of your personal and professional needs is a VPN service. It unblocks all the sites by connecting you with any other country’s server. But VPN services are also not safe in China. They are strictly monitored under the Great firewall system. All the VPN service providers are compelled to get a license from Chinese Ministry of Information Technology. For getting this license, they have to comply with their policies. These policies are determined to make sure the limited access to banned websites. So before going for a Chinese VPN service, you should research on it on a broad level. In this research, check its validity and reliability specifically for Chinese.

VPNs apps also got banned in Apple App Store

VPN apps are also not allowed to provide their services easily. Recently, Apple gave a notification to all VPN companies. In this notice, they are informed about their Apps store next strategy. Their strategy aims at pulling out all VPN apps from their App store in China. They also stated that these apps will be available in other markets.

In response to this notification, various VPN providers are considering is as unfortunate and disappointing. But there is a question behind this movement. Is Apple is in privacy and censorship fight with the Chinese government?

Chinese Government Strategy for VPN developers

In the start of this year, China’s Ministry of information technology declared that now all VPN developers are bound to obtain a license from them. Otherwise, we have to remove many VPN apps to meet the new regulations.

Now you must be thinking that why the VPNs are so unlike by the Chinese government. It involves the political motives to somewhat. The ruling communist party uses its incredible power to control the flow of information among their citizens.

Exception for Business Communities

It is a good indication for businessmen. They don’t have to face the restrictions made by the Chinese Government. Because they are allowed to use VPN service. But this permission is given on some agreement made by these companies. The business communities are allowed to use those VPNs which do have a license. They must be registered with China’s Ministry of information technology. Also, note down that licensed VPNs is too much costly. So that the locals of China cannot afford such VPNs. But these are accessed by all strong companies like banks, law firms, and many other multinational companies.

Closing words:

Apple Company gave the notification only for the sake of their credibility. Because a good company has to comply with all markets. As you know about China’s rules regarding the internet. So they just tried to continue their service while restraining access to banned websites by a legal authority.

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