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Driving Metro Train 3D Game App from 9App Games

Driving Metro Game App

If you are one who is learning to drive Metro train then here is the option which you can use to enjoy the live experience while driving the Driving Metro Train SIM 3D Game App from 9Apps download. It gives you a simulator in which you can use to drive the Metro train with different modes and it gives different levels which you need to complete for Mission successful once you keep completing your mission then it will be keep allowing you to go to next levels with new options to complete once you keep completing you will keep getting new options.

This game is Zing Mine Games Production which is craft by (ZMGC) Zing Mine Games Craft they are specialized in making action games such as SPY Escape Prison Survival, Lion Attack Survival, Miami Town Crime, Gangster 3D Crime etc, and different types of vehicles games simulators such as Airplane Bike Transport, Sand Excavator Simulators, Chingchi Rickshaw, TukTuk Auto Rickshaw, Off-Road Farm Animals etc.

The Driving Metro Train SIM 3D Game is downloaded by more than 5500 users and till now given Approx 4 stars out of 5 stars and the phone memory which is used by this game is 44 MB but if you don’t want to make use of that much space then you can use APK file which will consume half of the space only of your phone memory or external memory. As we all know there are different types of trains such as Coal Trains (Trains which run on coal), Steam Train (Trains which run on coal), Diesel Train (Trains which run on Diesel) and Electric Trains (Trains which run on Electric) which 9apps install offers.

Features of Driving Metro Game App:

Driving Metro Game App



When it comes to talking about features, this driving game gives you the best features. There are so many awesome features here that make this app one of the best simulator gaming app in the world.

Some of the Best Features of this Game are as Follows:

  • This game is Compatible with all tabs as well as mobile devices
  • Free app for kids & adults
  • Challenging time limit
  • Unbelievable scenes & locations
  • Free Train Simulation Gameplay
  • Easy controls in the Steering
  • Pick up & drop the Passengers


Recently in India, there was new Train come up known as Metro Train and people are excited to know how it’s run so, especially for them who want to play Driving Metro Train SIM 3D game or for people who want to enjoy you can Drive Metro Train SIM 3D Simulators in form of the game. This game you can in download all type of smartphones such as iPhone, Windows or Android etc, and this game is Free for all types of phone from 9Apps install. This game will give you real experience, In this game, you need to pick passengers from one station and you need to drop them to the different station in the given specific time.

Once you have completed the task in the given time or with given huddles then you will complete your mission and then it will allow you to move to a different level with new task and huddles. When you open this game to play it will give you Metro train track with full of instruction to give you the idea of basic knowledge about this game.

Such as in the right side of your phone screen it will give you speed controller and max speed is 95% and in left you will get a screen view, horn and Emergency Breaks as well. The train will stand on the station and then you need to pick up afterwards you will be ready to go and drop them to the next stop. This way I will not be able to help how it going to be but you can download this train driving game through the 9apps games and enjoy the experience.

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