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Hidden and Important Features of Salesforce that Will Make Your Business Easier

Hidden Features of Salesforce

If you are an entrepreneur or using the Salesforce CRM for your business it doesn’t matter what area of Salesforce you are using. You can still utilize Salesforce further to make your business life easier and successful.  The greatest challenge which is faced by the developers and professionals who work with large volumes of sales on a regular basis is data maintenance.

Creating and maintaining database can be frustrating for developers and admins, but fortunately, Salesforce’s CRM has various hacks which can solve all kinds of CRM- related issues and also may help you exceed in the near future. Now it has become a huge triumph in all aspects of business development and it is not restricted to sales and marketing. Most of us already heard of easy life hacks like how to clean your shoes using toothpaste. Similarly, there are Salesforce hacks that you can utilize to make your business development easy and successful.

In this blog post, we have listed some Salesforce hacks that will give you some insight on some areas that a Salesforce developer and admin can explore.

Run scheduled Jobs faster

It only affects Salesforce developer, but functioning on scheduled jobs may be very irritating to desk-check. To utilize and simplify this, you have to schedule it to run and should wait for a few minutes, then check the results, unscheduled it, and make your changes done and repeat the same process.

To get around that, you have to open up any custom object that has an ownership and scroll down to the bottom. You will find a little-used section for apex sharing recalculation which is supposed to be used for calculating permissions for that specific object, but you can connect any batch job to it. Add your scheduled job to the object, so that you can run your batch job anytime you desire with the push button.

Salesforce search in chrome

You can save the Salesforce search box as a search engine in Chrome by right clicking the search box and select save as search engine changing the extension to sf. Now you can open a new tab, type sf, and click space and you will be allowed to search inside Salesforce from anywhere. You can also set up a separate one for searching the sandbox and Email alerts as well.

You should use the admin widget to find the quick access of object-specific admin pages. If you are in a tab/list/detail page for an object, you will find a blue tab on the right side of the page. You can click that to open the widget. Moreover, you can create email alert triggers for specific events that your users want you to keep tabs on.

Use Salesforce chatter

Salesforce chatter

If you are using the Salesforce set of tools, there are several features that can be exceptionally helpful, even if you are not utilizing them on a regular basis. For example, use chatter. You might not use ‘Chatter’ on a daily basis, but when you need it you can use with no extra cost. Salesforce Chatter can convert everything, especially for overworked sales and marketing manager, even if they are assigned to manage a very large database or remote team. You can stop them from repeatedly emailing team members to know if necessary documents have been read. There is no productivity loss, waiting for internal feedback on a proposal, budget or marketing campaign concept. Once you implement chatter you can participate in a discussion or start a new discussion of your own.

Get Shortcut to List Views

You can go to a list view of records by shortening the Salesforce Id in the URL to the first 3 letters of the Salesforce ID. For example, to get a list of contacts, shorten the to

One thing keeps in mind this thing should work with most standard and custom objects.

Branded Email templates

There are branded email templates, which let you send out common and important data to multiple clients without the headache of having to type it out to an individual. It can save a lot of monotonous typing time and inevitable errors and bugs.

Integrate your email client

Most people don’t work out of their CRM, they work out of their email client. You should utilize an email client integration to reduce the need to jump back and forth. It allows you to view, create, edit, and delete customized Salesforce data from Outlook and Gmail. This will definitely help to increase the quality and quantity of data going into Salesforce and make your business simple when it’s time to run activity or opportunity reports.

Salesforce in mobile device

For those who always like the move, Salesforce is now available on your mobile device too. We all get panic when we have to need to view data and no laptop or desktop have been available at our disposal. But don’t worry, Salesforce app is now available. With the help of this app, you will have all the necessary information at your fingertips.

Integrate your document sharing

Document sharing is one of the most affordable and simple ones for Salesforce admins. The major purpose of CRM is to provide secure information through one portal experience. Instead of having users preserve documents on their laptop or desktop cloud storage, you can guide them to use one standard accessible via Salesforce. Google Drive, Dropbox are some examples that all have integrations with Salesforce.


Salesforce Dashboard

The typical and frustrating task is storing and arranging the data that we have to face. So here is another cool Salesforce hack i.e.  ‘Dashboards’ that will let you sort your data exactly the way you want. The biggest advantage of this features is that you will be able to view all the relevant data without consuming time searching for it. There are several kinds of data you can track on dashboards. For example, you can show data which involve sales figure, the no of successful conversions and leads. Additionally, you can select how your data will be displayed like as horizontal bar diagram, pie-charts, and others.

Use filters on Lookup fields

You can use these filters for a standard Lookup to decide who the primary contact is for an account, utilize a lookup filter to cut down the available values.  Well-developed filters increase the speed of the lookups, promote the clear data and keep the users happy.

Email syncing

With Salesforce, you can sync all the data with your email so that it is forwarded automatically. This ultimately saves a lot of ‘cut’ and ‘paste’ time for you. Salesforce supports Microsoft Outlook and Gmail and other third parties as well.

Don’t use Multi-select picklists

Most of us don’t want to limit our choices if we don’t have to, so Salesforce multi-select picklist (MSP) features sounds like a great. Users can select multiple options and you can enjoy the standardization that picklist consists, right? But we suggest for the sake of your data and future documents, please don’t go with multi-select picklists.


Salesforce AppExchange

With Salesforce AppExchange, you can develop and post your application, also, you can use other already developed apps as a platform and install that apps to customize your salesforce page. There is no need to search developers and managers for different platform. AppExchange also allows you to hire Salesforce developers and consultants as when you need them. With AppExchange, you will have access to the profiles of individual developers and consultants with their contact information for you to initiate a negotiation.

Eliminate unwanted fields

Like a busy intersection, too many distractions create navigation difficult. You can run a report on unused fields and if they are not required, just get rid of them. Do not compromise with your fields.


Custom Salesforce development system truly help your business and your customer needs that can be customized to achieve your business goals and needs. Salesforce has lots of cool and interesting features to make customer relationship management make easier and the task of data management less annoyance. So use these amazing Salesforce hacks to make your business development simple and smooth.









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