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How to Increase Domain Authority of a Website?

Increase website DA

If you ever observed digital marketers and SEOs, you might have heard about DA and PA of the websites most. DA stands for Domain Authority and PA stands for Page Authority. Domain authority is used to check the performance of a website in terms of how better it ranks in the search results. However, mostly it is used to refer site ranking authority as per Moz.

It is a metric basically created by Moz to check the rating of a website on a scale of 1-100. Higher DA means higher rating. DA measures the complete domain authority and PA is used to measure the authority of a particular page.

Domain authority is responsible for many things like how many backlinks are there for your website and how solid those sites are. DA is calculated in 1 to 100. 1 is worst and 100 is best. However, it is too difficult to gain 100 in DA. Still, Facebook and Google have it. DA is hard to get and you can’t influence it directly. However, you can still do some good practice of following points –

  • Avoid bad links
  • Gain good links

Now, elaborate these two points. Getting rid of bad links can be done by requesting their removal or you can disavow them. Let’s come to the second one – gaining useful links. You have two choices for that. First, you can avail SEO services from experts that have good relationships with prominent websites and professional writers who can help you gain good quality backlinks. It may be expensive but returns good value to you for long-run.

Secondly, you can plan a highly valuable and informative website that draws out links by its good value. It is content marketing. It is the best solution with lesser investment and risks.

Here we would like to discuss some of the important tips to improve your DA with the help of content marketing.

Let’s take a look at these tips to improve your DA –

Provide Quality Content

The first and very basic rule of doing content marketing in a good manner is to provide quality content to its audience. To score good DA, you have to practice on providing better quality content so that its visitors approach you. For achieving that, you need a great strategy. It is not about length and language, but what matters in that is its uniqueness and relevancy. Use high-quality images, GIFs, and videos to make the content appealing. Try Infographics, they are too efficient. Focus on length as deep and informative content has the power to make the visitors stay for a long time.

Content marketing

Some important points to keep in mind for creating valuable content –

  • Don’t copy, make your own
  • Make use of better words and language that must be appealing and easy to understand at the same time
  • Don’t use unnecessary things that are not relating to the topic

Develop Strong Internal Linking

Once you are done with the content, the next step is to create strong internal linking. Strong internal linking is helpful in ranking your content higher for targeted keywords and it will be easier to drive more search engine traffic to your website.

Internal Link Building

A site that has a low and poor quality of internal linking may lose its visitors in a more often way. Because internal linking plays a vital role in building an influential network within the site to benefit its users and search engines too. To be simple, have more content and have more links so that it provides you the ability to create a strong site network.

Remove Bad Links Regularly

SEO is not a self-driven vehicle. You have to do some better assignments for your DA strength. Remove the toxic links regularly. Dig into your link profile and check all the spammed links and remove them.

Don’t wait for algorithm penalty just start doing it from right now. In our words, regular means monthly or bi-monthly. Regular cleaning of your profile will open more opportunity for you to drive expected traffic.

Disavow Bad Links

There are many sources available online for how to remove toxic backlinks, you can go through them and learn how to do it. Otherwise, your profile will be full of junky links and you have to bear unsuccessful experience. Your DA will not rise.

Be Patient and See the Results

Now, all mandatory practices are done by you, it’s time to see your rooted seeds grow fruits for you. In this step, you have to be patient to see the results that are coming out gradually. You have to perform all your hard work in previous years, and when your domain become old, it will improve its quality in a number of things such as content, publishing frequency, and internal links.

Everything is grasped by you, what measures you have to take, where and when as well. You must be more focused and clearer as the time passes about how to maintain the integrity and strength of your DA.

Domain age is important but this doesn’t be misunderstood that seeking for strong DA always takes time. New websites can also gain strong DA with good practices. Book your domain for next 3-4 years. You must be aware of this fact that many sites which have strong DA are booked previously for next some years.

Tight Security

Security is also an important factor for increasing your Domain authority of your site.Customer will only visit your site if their data is safe and secure. So for security Install SSL Certificate in your website as SSL Certificate will encrypt all the information which is passed through internet between web browser and server. SSL Certificate will protect all the information of your customer including credit, debit card details, login information and all. Once the SSL Certificate is installed you can see green padlock in the browser address bar as a result customer will freely access your site without which help to increase the conversion rate of your site.

Closing Thought

Improving DA is a necessary practice which one must take care to improve overall SEO of your site. Make your rough plans and start everything from a scratch right now. Stick to your plans and work accordingly.

Remember, content is the soul of SEO and it matters more than anything. All you have to deal with is content, content, and content. So focus on its quality, frequency of publishing and sharing and audience’s demand. You can never imagine that how badly the site ranks with useless content, regardless of how well you optimize it.

These steps will be definitely going to work out for you to have a strong DA. However, it all depends on practice.

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