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Must Read UX Guide 2018 – To Make Your Business App More Attractive

Must Read UX Guide 2018

Things move rapidly in the mobile app world and the trends in mobile UX keep changing persistently. What’s trending this year might become outdated the next year. To become a successful developer the app developers must have the foresight about the latest trends in UI and UX and update their skills accordingly. UX (User Experience) is an important aspect of developing a mobile app for a business that includes various elements like text, sound, visual design, layout and more. It is the main factor that differentiates between a good business app and a bad one. Here are a few UX trends that will take 2018 by storm.

Content-Centered Design

The existence of quality content in an app improves the traffic and search engine results. A content-centered design will definitely improve the leads and help in bringing more sales and profit to the business which in turn will lead to the expansion of the business. The developers should declutter the irrelevant information and prioritize the relevant content and display it in a more appealing way to the users.

Importance Of Animation

Interactivity is an important factor that lures the users through engaging design. Mobile app users now expect more animated interactions, which are simple as well as captivating. Users expect micro interactions to get more engaged with the app. More than the technology, it’s the emotions around interactivity that makes the user connect with the product. Animations should be used to create an ideal user experience. Designers should make the animations with more clarity, good design and content to make it reflect its purpose.

Dominance Of Video Content

The video content trend has been developing recently and the year 2017 was the year of video dominance. The video was used as the important content marketing format. As per a survey conducted by Hubspot, it was found out that 78% of the people watch online videos every week. The video is considered the new way of adapting to the change. It attracts the users in a short span of time and delivers timely information. Video content brings in simple but high impact solutions for businesses. Video content can completely engage the user and serve the major purpose of marketing. Another important advantage of video content is that it is more remembered than the text-based content.

Chatbots Gain Popularity

Artificial Intelligence is growing rapidly across various fields and is becoming one of the top software development trends. Getting a quick response to the queries can certainly improve the user experience and this is what the Chatbots does. A chatbot is a bot program that uses AI to identify human behaviors and performs different tasks. They understand the questions and provide accurate solutions to the users. This technology improves customer experience and at the same time reduces the cost. To condense, chatbots are easier, simpler and faster way to improve the user experience in 2018.

Augmented Reality

Another game changer when it comes to UX design trend is the Augmented Reality (AR). 2018 will be the year of AR. AR is the integration of digital information with the user’s environment in real time. AR lenses have already been integrated into various apps to create a more engaging user experience. Gaming with AR can actually create an indelible user experience. Apple and Google have introduced AR frameworks the app developers in Chennai to build AR apps easily.

With the advent of latest technologies in the mobile app field, UX practices are reaching new heights. App development companies, as well as designers, should put the user experience above all the factors while developing a mobile app for a business. And never forget to put the requirements and objectives of the customers at the center of the whole situation. Seehash Mobile app developers in Chennai can help you in developing the app of your dream using all the latest technologies. Get in touch now to know how you can improve your business.

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