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Recent Business Initiatives By Google For Small Businesses

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In an interview, if the HR asks you which is your favorite search engine, then the answer will be Google. Agreed, there are other search engines also such as Yahoo, Bing, Baidu, AOL and more. But the most preferred is Google, no doubt. Period. So compared to other competitors why has this engine remained at the top for more years? It lies in its business strategy and the ability to help others become successful.

In recent times, traditional methods of marketing have taken a backseat. Modern methods such as sharing of news via mobiles and social media platforms have taken the advertising and marketing industry by storm. It is here, that Google has brought together many new models and business strategies to help businesses reach their target population at the easiest.

And every business worth their value, have also bitten the bait. Ever since the E-commerce industry has started, it is only raking in the moolah at a very high percentage. Suddenly every small business wants to have an online presence and reach out to a maximum number of consumers all over the globe. It helps, really. If you have a local business regarding microwave oven repair in New York, and if a person searches for the keywords, microwave oven service in New York, your onsite address should show up. In the first three places of Google. It is very hard to attain this position but the profits are unlimited. Also, if every business regarding your niche industry gets shown in the locality and yours’ is not in the list, you are missing big business.

Google had, some time ago introduced a new business initiative for small businesses known as Let’s Put Our Cities on the Map. The main focus was to assist every small business in any city of America get exposure over the horizon.

It is very easy to put your passion of work in Google My Business listing. Yes, that is not enough. You also have to take caution to put every information regarding your company on Google maps, Google Plus and Google search. But it is not easy to have the business get listed on Google. There are stringent procedures and yes, you have to pass the verification test.

Benefits for Consumers

Let us imagine, your friend is a customer and have gone to a new country, shall we say, America. By means of this local business listings, he/she can not only search but find the best needed at the right time. Is he/she hungry? They can find the best restaurant catering the kind of cuisine needed. How about shopping? They can just get the best store for the item to purchase. Did the boss say an acronym they are not able to relate? Well, the best search engine to look for is Google.

Now, that is the secret of Google, it gives the best to its loyal customers and also makes the best strategy to ensure all the businesses fall in its lap by giving them the best features. A small business owner can definitely utilize Google to not only attract customers but also march ahead of competitors easily. And the features are a lot handier. They range from calendars to email to Google plus as well maps. The search engine can help you organize your business not only in an efficient manner but also boost the online presence.

So shall we go into the basics –

1. GYBO or Get Your Business Online

online business

This project goes all out to assist small business to establish a firm online presence. In the process, Google has established a partnership with many cities around the world, including local organizations. So, even a small business can have its website, on top of Google search results. In fact, the ploy is used to garner more number of online customers. To make the small business owners feel easy, there are various resources such as a step-by-step guide to use Google My Business, free custom websites, and other tools to measure the performance of the website, programs for training including workshops.

2.Google My Business


If you have a small business, then in recent times, it is very difficult to get consumers. But using the feature of Google My Business can make you score over competitors. But, you have to have a Google plus page, that is found via Search and Maps.

Now, shall we take the example of a case study? Let us imagine you have a business regarding microwave oven service in Bangalore. You have enrolled in a home maintenance company as a service vendor and also put the business on the Google list. So, a customer who searches with the keyword “microwave oven service in Bangalore” will definitely get the address of your business and website. And yes, the customer will also get the details of operation hours of your business, contact details and even direction to reach your place (in case the customer needs to visit you).

3. Google Plus Page

Google plus

By setting up a Google Plus page, you have become a part of Google My Business. With this feature, you can build loyal followers. You can also send your customers’ regular updates, special offers, marginal discounts and announcements of events. These features can make your friends to changed loyalists of your business get status updates very easily.

If you have a loyal following, they can use the respective feature option to increase the visibility of your posts. Your content will also get shared on their pages (Google Plus). In short, the reach will be more.

4. Google Search/Maps

Google Maps

A Google Plus page is the best way to assist the business get high rankings. So a customer who searches for microwave oven repair in Bangalore can easily get the directions, contact information and business hours. It does not matter whether they are searching on laptops, personal computers or mobiles.

5. Google Posts

Google post

This aspect stands as the main reason, Google has sustained as the master one search engine for more than a decade. A small business owner or a medium business owner can easily share content on Google. It is very easy to follow the steps. Search your company by name, the Knowledge Panel will appear and you can do well the instructions. Any person from any part of the world can have access to the posts. It can include videos, GIFs and pictures. You can also create events.

6. Google AdWords

Google Adwords

Do you want to reach the maximum number of customers in your locality? Then the best way is to advertise on Google. The leads will grow to a maximum. The best way

is to make use of Google AdWords, which is easy to use as it is a cost-per-click advertising program.

The CPC model is made by a unique feature. You have to pay only when consumers click on the ads. Yes, you can allocate the budget for every campaign. The adjustments can be done regarding the expense.

By making use of the AdWords, you can create advertisements that appear on specific Google search results. It can appear on mobile devices as well related websites. Shall we take the previous example? If you own a shop for microwave repair in Bangalore, the ad will appear when someone searches in Google for oven repair shop in the locality. For the other words such as microwave oven service, your business may appear on home improvement website or home appliance repair websites.

The main advantage of the AdWords is that modifications are done easily. It does not matter the locality. You can make the changes even from another country. AdWords have the most specific analytics tools with reports. By this method, you get an advantage to monitor ad performance and ensure campaigns reach the advertising goals.

It has the best tools, worthy information, but it can also burn your fingers. With small businesses, you can get off to a head-start. But it is very difficult for a novice to make a mark or save money. So, to gain knowledge put in hours of research or the best way is to hire a professional.

7. For Google Maps

In short, the team at Google Maps has redesigned the “Explore” Tab. The launch is regarding the “Your Match” “For You” and “Group Planning” section.

At the Google I/O conference, the team of Google Maps have announced the new features for their map product. The features, yes, will be rolled out all over the globe in the next few months.

A. What is the new features at the Explore Tab?

Suppose you are in Bangalore and have gone to a place such as MG Road. You are hungry. It will show the recent places for dining venues, activities and events that are adjacent.

B. The Perfect Match

The recent “Your Match” tab can give pointers. The amount of happiness a place can give to you and the reasons. So, if you are hungry and have selected a certain restaurant, Google will generate the number based on the knowledge about business, drink and food preferences you have done previously on Google Maps. Yes, it also takes into account the places you have gone to. The number of ratings you gave to a restaurant also matters. Google based on the reports it has generated over the previous quarters, gives you the information.

  1. The “For You” Tab

This tab, makes you choose among the neighbourhood restaurants as well the dining spots. Depending on your choice, Google will send the ideas regarding the restaurant next time if you decide to go for a restaurant.


So, what is the recent news about small business by Google? The search engine has launched new Google My Business API, the new dashboard for management of various locations.

Now, with a single (yes, registered) account on this feature, will you be able to manage other locations. Yes, the number is unlimited.

Google has made the most of the growing number of customers for mobiles. In fact, since the Wi-Fi and smart phones came to prominence, Google consistently adds updates in the form of new features to Knowledge Panel as well as Google My Business (GMB).

Today, Google has announced a new feature in its GMB API. By making use of this API, companies can manage many varieties of content such as descriptions as well posts for small businesses and multi-location brands at scale. So, now you have a new agency dashboard and partner program. This feature is the result of a collaboration with many partners. With this new dashboard, shall we see the advantages?

  • You just need a registered account on GMB. A single account. Period. It is easy to manage multiple locations.
  • There are User Groups for management of internal teams. You can also control the access to various locations.
  • As a business owner, definitely you will have packages or various offers. The workflow is easy to manage the listings.

If you are already registered with the program, you gain access to the recent GMB tools as well features. You can have a dedicated partner manager as well numerous benefits. Yes, you also are part of the new partner directory.

Google said, that it has taken account of various criteria to evaluate the best agency partners for the recent update program. Regarding the number of locations, there isn’t a number, but the search engine giant has decided to throw light on agencies which have the potential to grow big. If you are interested in being a part of the drive,

Google said that multiple criteria were involved in evaluating potential agency partners for the new program. There isn’t a specific “number of locations under management” requirement, but Google wants to initially focus on agencies that have the capacity to grow high. Are you interested, then just book for the partner program here. By the way, the recent dashboard, will make its debut in the next few days to weeks as per the Google Update. As per industry experts, the testing is on for different parameters. Once every bug is removed, every challenge updated in the Knowledge Tool of Google, will this service be made available.


So these are the recent updates for Google in tune with the local businesses. For the above new feature, shall we take the example of the same case study? You already have a microwave oven repair and service in Bangalore. Now, having captured the market, you have shifted to another city, Pune. The business also has picked up in its new location. Now, there is no need to open a new API for the launched service, microwave repair in Pune. With the new GMB or Google My Business dashboard, you can handle both the locations of Bangalore and Pune.

Have we missed a point? Then feel free to put a comment in the Reviews section. Subscribe to our newsletter to get the recent updates from Google and SEO.

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