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Recently I got home from a business trip; turned on my laptop and there was no internet.  Now what?  I have to finish our company’s monthly financial report to be reviewed with the other executive members and board for tomorrow.  I go downstairs and unplug and re-plug in the modem and router but no luck. I even called our internet service provider who kept me on the phone for over an hour; finally, I hung up with frustration. Then One of our neighbors in town stopped by and said to reach out to The JMOR Connection, Inc. as they helped her many times and they are located right here our town Franklin Lakes, NJ.

Since my cell phone was using the carrier’s internet; I just typed their website in real quick on my phone:; and not only did the site have a call us now button but it allowed me the ability to chat with them online all from my smartphone.  This was so easy, and they had a technician out to me the next morning since it was after 9PM at night.

The next day one of their team members came out on-time; was professional, courteous and even explained to me what was wrong.  I being a Financial Director for a Pharmaceutical Company didn’t really know much about what made a computer work just how to use it for my job.  He analyzed the modem, router and concluded the router had crashed.  First, he tried to revive it by doing what he called flashing the device; it was a way to erase the software and re-program it but he said when its on-chip we call it firmware.

Unfortunately, my router was toast; he had a spare one in the truck; hooked it up and shortly after; the internet was not only working but it was blazing faster than ever before.  He even showed us how to print to our printer from our iPhone something I didn’t even know we had the capability to do it; he called it Air Print.

Many times, we always called a superstore tech or looked for the cheapest one we could find but I have to say I am happy that I reached out The JMOR Connection; Inc and will be using them for all my technology needs.

The JMOR Connection was not like any other IT Company I ever had they were different.  They took the time to explain in English what was wrong and made sure I was comfortable with everything they were doing and that I was satisfied before they left.

Whether I have a slow computer, no internet, get a new car and need to pair my iPhone to it, get a new computer or just have any questions about technology you can be sure I will be calling them.

Thus, it is not a question of if you are going to need computer help or support but when; thus keep JMOR.COM handy when you do.

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