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Tips To Write An Seo Optimized Article (2018 Guide)

Seo Optimized Article

Creating content is a key component in generating income for all businesses running online. Most of the website marketers are struggling hard to write an article that will rank on top on the Google. Writing an organized optimized article will improve your site ranking in the search engine and ultimately led you to drive traffic and engage more readers. In this article, we have shared some tips to write a proper SEO optimized article according to latest 2018 trends. All of the best search engine optimization company follows the similar strategy to rank higher in the search engine.

  1. Choose the right keywords:

Being a content creator you must know that keywords play a vital role in the whole content. While writing an article find for the most top searched keywords related to your topic and insert all the essential keywords in your article. Do not do unnecessary stuffing of keywords in the article as it will result in making a vague article.

  1. Write articles with long word count:

Writing long content is always beneficial with the viewpoint of ranking first in Google. The best way to create long content is to thoroughly search for the topic and accumulate all the information that will emerge as a search engine optimized content. The main purpose of framing content is to provide as much as useful information you can provide.

  1. Post meta description:

The major SEO plugin enables you to add a Meta description of 150 characters long that gives a short glimpse of what you have written in the article. It enables readers to get an idea about what you have described in the whole article. Meta descriptions possess larger benefits for an optimized article. If you will write a Meta description for each article then you can drive a maximum amount of traffic to your site easily. Also, remember to put the keywords in Meta description also which will help to rank your article in Google.

  1. Internal link and anchor text:

When writing a new post it is always beneficial to link the post with the older ones so that you can grab the attention of the readers for longer time and the search engine will also able to crawl your content. This is a very considerate factor in the better navigation of your website. Ensure to use the different anchor text each time you link your post to the older posts.

  1. Use proper heading tags:

Heading tags are referred to the H1, H2, H3 tags used for different headings. Many marketers ignore the fact that heading tags are as important to rank in the top of the search engine. Use the H1 tag for the main title, H2 for second heading and H3 for another heading. Moreover, the heading of the article should be catchy and attractive because it is the first thing a reader will focus upon.

  1. Unique and quality content:

The main factor of writing a search engine optimized article is to create unique content with proper research and keywords. If you will write a copied content then Google can ban your site. Therefore, engage a useful and fresh content for your site so that readers will get to your site again and again. The more original work you post the more you will be able to attract traffic. It will not only improve your ranking in the search engine but you will also be able to drive more organic traffic to your site.

  1. Use images and alt tag:

Images add up to the more attractiveness and simple understanding of the content. You should focus on inserting the right images in your article so that people will read it fully. In addition, you should also put the correct alt tags corresponding to the images. It will enable the Google to crawl your content and improve overall accessibility of your website.


So follow the above tips carefully and you will manage to write a search engine optimized article. With these tips you will be able to rank higher in search engine and it will also build more credibility of your site if you produced quality optimized content.

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